Health and Safety Legislation requires Companies to monitor their Health and Safety performance to ensure compliance with the necessity to avoid accidents and instances of occupational ill-health for Employees and others who may be affected. 

In practical terms this means undertaking regular documented inspections.

MD Safety Management independently monitors Health and Safety arrangements for Client at their premises and/or operational sites.  Inspections cover all aspects of operations as they relate to the workforce, any Contractors employed and also to the General Public.

MD Safety Management undertakes Site Inspections to:

  • Obtain a baseline indicator of Health and Safety Performance.
  • Identify hazards and verify the effectiveness of current control measures.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of established Management Systems.
  • Gather information regarding the site and any future planned work.
  • Fulfil Client and contractual obligations.


During inspections we:

  • Use digital cameras to quickly and accurately record the site layout and activities being carried out.
  • Report verbally on the inspection process to a Company representative with any items that require immediate attention.
  • Report formally via a specific Report with observations made during the inspection; Reports are normally e-mailed within two (2) working days.

A record of regular inspections helps to:

  • Identify hazards and cases of serious and imminent danger.
  • Identify gaps between what is expected and what is actually being undertaken.
  • Identify requirements for improvements.
  • Provide a plan to implement identified improvements.
  • Serve as a record of the monitoring process to Clients and also Enforcing Authorities (e.g. Health and Safety Executive (HSE), etc.)
  • Demonstrate the Company's commitment to ensuring on-going compliance with Health and Safety Legislation.


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